Step 1 - Preparing your surface with Gesso

The basis of a canvas or panel, preparing with Gesso.  This is Step 1 before you start a painting.

It may not look much in this image, but this is an Art Panel re-primed.  The piece I was working on really didn't come together, so I decided to make a change.  Incidentally, the previous Oil painting was totally and completely dry - that's important as I then painted 3 coats of Gesso over it - each layer of Gesso being completely dry before I added the next.  With new artwork, I usually do just 2 coats of Gesso.   

If you look carefully you will see the textures and outlines of the previous art, but that doesn't matter, it actually adds to the look of the new painting, which at this time still needs work.  I will update you when it is complete.

Remember: Don't be afraid to redo artwork, the old masters did that all the time.